Topics of Integral Calculus

Topics of Integral Calculus
More Integration Problems:

Integration of tanx: The integration tanx is log|sec x|+C.

Integration of cotx: The integration cotx is log|sin x|+C.

Integration of secx: The integration secx is log|secx + tanx|+C.

Integration of cosecx: The integration cosecx is log|cosecx – cotx|+C.

Integration of 1/x: The integration of 1/x is ln|x|+C.

Integration of lnx: The integration of lnx is xln x -x+C.

Integration of 2x: The integration of 2x is 2x/ln2+C.

Integration of tan2x: The integration of tan2x is tan(x)-x+C.

Integration of (ax+b)/(cx+d): The integration of (ax+b)/(cx+d) is ax/c + (bc-ad)/c2 ln|cx+d|+C.

Integration of 1/root(x): The integration of $\frac{1}{\sqrt{x}}$ is 2√x+C.

Integration of Cube root x: The integration of $\sqrt[3]{x}$ is $\frac{3}{4} x \sqrt[3]{x}+C$

Integration of Square root x: The integration of √x is $\frac{2}{3}$ x√x+C.

Integration of log(sinx): ∫$_0^{\pi/2}$ log(sin x)dx = $-\frac{\pi}{2}$ log 2.

Integration of 1/(1+x2): The integration of 1/(1+x2) is tan-1x+C.

How to integrate $\sqrt{1-x^2}$

More Integrals

Trigonometric Functions:

∫sin3x dx∫sinx cosx dx∫√(1+sin2x) dx
∫sin2x dx∫cos2x dx∫√tanx dx
∫sin3x cos2x dx∫(√tanx+√cotx) dx∫√cotx dx
∫sinhx dx∫coshx dx

Exponential & Logarithmic Functions:

∫e2x dx∫e3x dx
∫ e$^{x^2}$ dx

Algebraic Functions:

∫x1/4 dx∫x/(1+x) dx∫x/(1+x2) dx
∫1/xn dx∫ xn dx∫ √(a2-x2) dx
∫ √(a2+x2) dx
∫(√x +1/√x)dx

Find ∫xcosx dx

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