Math using ChatGPT: A Complete Guide | ChatGPT for Math

Let us talk about how to use ChatGPT for maths. Students are often curious to know how to solve Math using ChatGPT. As we all know ChatGPT is a very powerful artificial intelligence (AI) tool now a days to solve many problems, such as, writing codes in different computer languages, blog articles, making tour plans, etc. In this post, we will know how ChatGPT can help you solving mathematical problems.

Before we talk about how to solve math using ChatGPT, let us first know how to use it.

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Log in or create an account.
  3. Type your math problems into the chat box
  4. The chatbot will generate step-by-step solutions according to your input.

Next, we provide a complete details to use ChatGPT for maths.

Step-by-step Guide to use ChatGPT for Maths

Using ChatGPT is straightforward. To use ChatGPT for maths, you can follow below steps:

1. Create an Account: First go to the official website of ChatGPT: Create an account with your details.

2. Ask Math Questions: Type the Math question you want to ask in the chat box.

3. Receive a Response: Chat bot will generate a step-by-step solution based on the input you provided.

4. Analyse answers by ChatGPT:

  • Clarify or Ask Follow-Up Questions: If you require additional clarification, then you can ask follow up questions by typing again in the chat box. You will get the response based on the question you asked.
  • Experiment: Try to experiment with different questions or prompts to explore a variety of topics. If the response is not what you are looking for, consider rephrasing your input or providing more context.

Role of ChatGPT in Solving Maths

Let us now understand how we can solve a Math problem using ChatGPT with examples. We will consider Math problems in different topics.

Solve Equations using ChatGPT

To get the solution of the linear equation 2x+1=5 using ChatGPT, simply put the prompt “solve 2x+1=5” in the chat box. The chat bot will provide complete solutions step-by-step as shown in the image below.

Solve Equations using ChatGPT

You can verify the answer by putting x=2 in the given equation 2x+1=5. See that the answer is correct.

Find Derivatives using ChatGPT

In Calculus, we calculate the derivatives of various functions. Let us now try to find derivatives using the AI tool ChatGPT.

Question: Find the derivative of x by first principle.

Answer by ChatGPT: We know that the derivative of x is equal to 1. It can be computed by the first principle of derivatives using ChatGPT. The answer ChatGPT provided is shown in the image below.

Find the derivative of x by first principle using chatgpt

Limitations of ChatGPT

Although ChatGPT can solve a wide rage of Math problems, it has some limitations. It may face difficulty to solve advanced level math problems, like differential equations, Laplace transforms, Fourier transforms, etc.

We all know the derivative of sinx is cosx. If you find it by first principle using ChatGPT, it says that “the derivative of f(x)= sin(x) with respect to x using the first principles is −sinx”, which is incorrect.

Limitations of chatgpt for maths


ChatGPT can save time as it gives faster solutions of Math problems. But you have to remember a few things. As OpenAI says that “ChatGPT can make mistakes. Consider checking important information.”, you have to double-check the solutions ChatGPT provides before using it. This AI tool is evolving with time, and hope to get better version of it in near future.

Overall, ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool that can help you to master in many areas you are interested in.

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Q1: How to use ChatGPT for Maths?

Answer: To use ChatGPT for Maths, first you need to set up your profile in the official website of ChatGPT: Type your maths problems into the chat box and then the chatbot will generate step-by-step solutions according your input.

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