Find the Value of cos(7pi/2) | Cos 7π/2 Value

The value of cos(7pi/2) is equal to 0. Cos(7pi/2) is the value of cosine trigonometric function for 7π/2 radians. The formula of cos 7π/2 is given by

$\boxed{\cos \dfrac{7\pi}{2} = 0}.$

Note that

  • cos(7π/2) = 0.
  • The angle 7π/2 is equivalent to 630° and the value of cos 630° = 0.
value of cos 7pi/2

What is the Value of Cos 7pi/2?

Answer: cos(7π/2) is equal to 0.


Note that 7π/2 can be written as follows.

$\dfrac{7\pi}{2}=4\pi -\dfrac{\pi}{2}$.

Now using the formula cos(a-b)=cosa cosb + sina sinb, we get that

$\cos(\dfrac{7\pi}{2})=\cos(4\pi -\dfrac{\pi}{2})$.

= $\cos 4 \pi \cos \dfrac{\pi}{2} + \sin 4\pi \sin \dfrac{\pi}{2}$

= (-1)4 ⋅ 0 + 0⋅1 as we know sin nπ =0, cos nπ =(-1)n, sin(π/2)=1, cos(π/2)=0.

= 0.

So the value of cos 7pi/2 is equal to 0.

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Value of cos(-7pi/2)

Using the rule cos(-θ) = cosθ, the value of cosine of negative 7pi/2 will be equal to

cos(-7π/2) = cos(7π/2) = 0, by the above.

∴ cos(-7π/2) = 0.

Therefore, the value of cos(-7pi/2) is equal to 0.

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Q1: What is the value of cos 7pi/2?

Answer: The value of cos 7pi/2 is equal to 0.

Q2: What is the value of cos(-7pi/2)?

Answer: The value of cos(-7pi/2) is equal to 0.

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