What is the Integral of 1/x^2? [Solved] | Integration of 1/x^2

The integral of 1/x^2 is equal to -1/x +C where C is a constant. The integration formula of 1/x2 is as follows:

$\int \dfrac{1}{x^2} dx = -\dfrac{1}{x}$ +C.

Integral of 1/x^2

In this post, we will learn how to integrate 1/x^2.

Integration of 1/x2

Answer: The integration of 1/x2 is equal to -1/x +C.


Step 1:

Using the rule of indices $\dfrac{1}{c^n}$ = c-n, we have that

$\dfrac{1}{x^2}$ = x-2

Step 2:

Now, integrating both sides we get that

$\int \dfrac{1}{x^2} dx$ = ∫x-2 dx

Step 3:

Apply the power rule of integration: ∫xn dx = xn+1/(n+1). Therefore,

$\int \dfrac{1}{x^2} dx =\dfrac{x^{-2+1}}{-2+1}+C$

⇒ $\int \dfrac{1}{x^2} dx =\dfrac{x^{-1}}{-1}+C$

⇒ $\int \dfrac{1}{x^2} dx = -\dfrac{1}{x}+C$

So the integration of 1/x2 is equal to -1/x +C where C is an arbitrary integral constant, and this is proved by the rule of indices and the power rule of integration.

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Definite Integral of 1/x2

Question: Find the definite integral of 1/x2 from 1 to 2, that is, find ∫12 1/x2 dx.


As the integral of 1/x2 is -1/x, we have that

$\int \dfrac{1}{x^2} dx$ $=\Big[-\dfrac{1}{x} \Big]_1^2$

= $-(\dfrac{1}{2} – \dfrac{1}{1} )$

= $-\dfrac{1}{2} +1$

= 1/2

So the definite integration of 1/x^2 from 1 to 2 is equal to 1/2.

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Q1: What is the integral of x^2?

Answer: The integral of x square is equal to x3/3+C where C is an integral constant.

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