Find General Solution of dy/dx+ytanx = secx

The general solution of the differential equation dy/dx+ytanx = secx is equal to ysecx =tanx +C where C is a constant. This equation is an example of a first order linear ordinary differential equation.

Solve dy/dx+ytanx = secx

Question: Solve the differential equation $\dfrac{dy}{dx}$+ytanx = secx.


The given equation has the form


a 1st order linear ordinary differential equation (ode). So the given equation is a first order linear ode with

P(x) = tanx, Q(x) =secx.

Its integrating factor I(x) = e∫P(x)dx = e∫tanx dx = elog secx = secx.

So the solution will be

y I(x) = ∫Q(x) I(x) dx +C

⇒ y secx = ∫secx secx dx +C

⇒ y secx = ∫sec2x dx +C

⇒ y secx = tanx dx +C

So the general solution of the ode dy/dx+ytanx = secx is equal to y secx = tanx dx +C where C is an arbitrary integral constant.

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Q1: What is the solution of dy/dx+ytanx = secx?

Answer: The solution of dy/dx+ytanx = secx is given by y secx = tanx dx +C where C denotes a constant.

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