Values of sin 75, cos 75, tan 75 | sin 75 cos 75

In this post, we will find the value of sin 75 degree, cos 75 degree, and tan 75 degree. They are very important in Trigonometry. Using their values, we are able to find the trigonometric values of many angles. We will now find the value of sine 75 degree. Value of sin 75 Answer: The … Read more

Formula of cos(a+b) cos(a-b) | Formula of cos(α+β) cos(α-β)

The formula of cos(a+b)cos(a-b) is given by cos(a+b)cos(a-b) = cos2a -sin2b. In this post, we will establish the formula of cos(a+b) cos(a-b). Note that cos(a+b) cos(a-b) is a product of two cosine functions. We will use the following two formulas: cos(a+b) = cos a cos b – sin a sin b …(i) cos(a-b) = cos a … Read more

General Solution of sin x =0, cos x=0, tan x=0

One can define equations involving trigonometric functions. These equations are called trigonometric equations. In this post, we will learn about the general solutions of the trigonometric equations: sin x=0, cos x =0, and tan x =0. Solution of sin x =0 Solve $\sin x =0$. The general solutions of the equation $\sin x =0$ are … Read more

Values of sin 15, cos 15, tan 15 | sin 15 cos 15

The values of sin 15°, cos 15°, and tan 15° are very important in the theory of Trigonometry. We will find their values in this post. Let us now find the value of sin 15 degree. Value of sin 15 We will evaluate the value of $\sin 15$ using the formula of the compound angles of … Read more


Here you will find out a complete topic on trigonometry. Values of sin 15, cos 15, and tan 15 Solutions of sin x =0, cos x =0, and tan x =0 Cos3x Formula & Proof Tan2x Formula in terms of tanx, sinx, cosx Sin3x Formula in terms of sinx Simplify 1-sin^2(x) Simplify cos(sin^{-1}x) Simplify sin(cos^{-1}x)