Find the Derivative of cot2x

The derivative of cot2x is equal to -2cosec22x. The differentiation of cot2x is denoted by d/dx (cot2x), and its formula is given by

$\dfrac{d}{dx}$ (cot 2x) = -2cosec22x.

cot2x Derivative

Answer: The derivative of cot2x, that is, d/dx(cot2x) is equal to -2cosec22x.


To find the derivative of cot2x by the chain rule, let us put


So dz/dx = 2.

Now, by the chain rule, the derivative of cot2x is

$\dfrac{d}{dx}$ (cot 2x)

= $\dfrac{d}{dz}$ (cot z) $\times \dfrac{dz}{dx}$

= -cosec2z × 2 as the derivative of cotx is -cosec2x and dz/dx=2.

= -2cosec22x, because z=2x.

So the derivative of cot(2x) is equal to -2cosec22x, and this is obtained by the chain rule of differentiation.

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Q1: What is the derivative of cot2x?

Answer: The derivative of cot2x is equal to -2cosec22x.

Q2: If y=cot2x, then find dy/dx.

Answer: If y=cot2x, then dy/dx=-2cosec22x.

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