Math Books

   Here you will find out a complete list of math books. Real Analysis Books Introduction to Real Analysis, by Robert G. Bartle Principles of Mathematical Analysis, by Walter Rudin Linear Algebra Books Introduction to Linear Algebra, by Gilbert Strang Linear Algebra 2nd Addition, by Hoffman & Kunze Abstract Algebra Books Abstract Algebra 3rd Addition, by Dummit & … Read more


Here you will find out a complete topic on JEE. The following topics on Mathematics for IIT JEE are very important in order to crack the exam: Logarithms Trigonometry Limit Continuity Derivative (Differentiation) Integration Differential Equation More topic will be added soon. Please stay tuned on this page.

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Here you will find out a complete topic on trigonometry. Values of sin 15, cos 15, and tan 15 Solutions of sin x =0, cos x =0, and tan x =0 Cos3x Formula & Proof Tan2x Formula in terms of tanx, sinx, cosx Sin3x Formula in terms of sinx Simplify 1-sin^2(x) Simplify cos(sin^{-1}x) Simplify sin(cos^{-1}x)

Advanced Mathematics

   Here you will find out a complete topic on advanced math. Group Theory                  1.  An Introduction to Group Theory (to be updated)         2.  Subgroup (to be updated)         3.  Cyclic Group (to be updated)         4.  Normal Group (to be updated)         5.  Group Homomorphism (to be updated) Laplace Transform       … Read more


  Here you will find out a complete topic on algebra. Square Root & Cube Root       1.  Details of Square Root            2.  Concepts of Cube Root       Surds          Indices          Quadratic Equation Logarithm                  1.  An Introduction to Logarithm          2.  Logarithm Formulas … Read more


Here we will learn various types of calculus problems. For example,  Limit (Link for Limits) Limit: definition, properties, and formulas Proofs of all limit formulas Solved Problems of Basic Limits Solved Problems of Trigonometric Limits Solved Problems of Exponential Limits Limits of Some Special Functions (to be updated) Intermediate Forms (to be updated) L’Hopital’s Rule with Applications (to … Read more